Thursday, 17 May 2012

Degree Show: Preparing the space

So now that the work has been made and the mounting is done it is time to prepare the space in which I am exhibiting this year.

I must say that anyone down in my area of the show were very lucky as our boards had already been put up :)

Day 1 Sunday 29th April - Discovering many staples and nails in the walls that must be pulled out and the holes filled in with poly filler. An abundance of masking tape was also needed to fill all the gaps between the boards.

Day 2 Monday 30th April - Painting the walls white. A mighty task for someone so short! A big thank you to Yasmin (3rd year fine art) who helped out with this task.

Day 3 Tuesday 1st May - An hour long trip to the print unit started my day. I had already printed my photographs however they came out all stripy! Total Nightmare! So I then had them re-printed and mounted onto kappa board, setting me back a few pennies! I also helped a friend nail 8 8ft/4ft boards to her wall (in only half an hour I might add). This was not as bad as having to carry them all up six floors! My muscles got a workout that day!

Day 4 Wednesday 2nd May - A trip to Perth for the all important varnish for my paintings (another massive dent in the budget!) I used a 50/50 mix of Windsor and Newton Artists matt and gloss varnish to give my paintings a satin finish! I was very reluctant to put something over the top of the paintings as I have never done this before! The result of this was astounding. I feel the work would not be what it is without this vital finish.

Day 5 Thursday 3rd May  - Hanging the work. A massive thank you to Alan the studio technician! No major problems were encountered other than the odd measuring mistake (mainly down to tiredness). A little re-arranging of the work was needed to draw the viewer round into the main part of the show. A long day that was.

Day 6 Friday 4th May - Arranging my supporting materials. Sketchbooks, Photo-books, Portfolio of Photography, Drawings, Prints, Notes all had to be organised. This was a major task and it took me all day to label everything and organise it on my desk in a sensible way!

Day 7 Saturday 5th May - Finishing touches! Painting around all the fixings and over any pencil marks. Much to my displeasure I found a couple of holes in the wall that I had missed! I also painted and sanded a plinth for my business cards and book.

Day 8 Sunday 7th May - The floor must be Mopped! I had splattered a bit of white paint of my lovely wooden floor. Woops!  

So there it was - my show was complete! Time now for a well deserved pint!

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