Sunday, 20 May 2012

Artists Statement, Degree Show 2012

Nicola Coupe
B.A.(Hons) Fine Art

An Investigation of the Self.

Issues about identity and the self, gender and sexuality are part of the human condition; it is through portraiture we explore these ideas. (S.Nairne 2006)

Executed in monochrome, my work is an exploration of self-representation. Issues about identity, obsession and fragmentation are at the forefront of my work. By being the artist and the model it has become an extension of my identity. Interdisciplinary practice has allowed me to explore many possibilities for research and development of my ideas.

In the final works for this degree show I have concentrated mainly on painting. My drawings and photography support the main idea and have also lead me to my conclusion. Using a combination of techniques, I have tried to combine a painterly style in the figure with a graphic style in the background to portray a tension between the real and unreal. I also collect photographs from many sources, mainly of my own body and face. This enables me to see how the work will come together, allowing elements to bleed into one another. Combining images enables me to resolve the work, linking pieces together by repeating forms and patterns, however the theme of self-reflection will never end. By surrounding myself with my own image I am trying to emphasise this reality. 

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