Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hitting my head off a brick wall!!

Ok. So this might not be interesting for others but I do need a way of getting my ideas down before I forget them all completely, since all I seem to do these days is work and sit on the computer this might be the best way of recording them.

The summertime so far has been pretty uneventful with regards to the development of my ideas for returning to uni. I feel as though I am waiting for the ideas to come to me; which is by the way not the best method. I am now going to throw myself into research and see what happens! However I do find it difficult wading my way through the internet looking for something to jump off the screen at me!

Last semester the work I produced was based around the idea of obsessions and although I would like to continue with this I feel as though I have come to a dead end. I initially wanted to make a comment about self obsession in today's society however I have found that in doing so I just seem to be continually repeating myself. forever regurgitating the same ideas and images over and over again! I'm so bored of it!! I don't want my last year at art school to be the same again.

This year I plan to bring something else to the work, the use of glass and mirrors to create multi-layered images. I would also like to bring some colour back into my work, something I have already started to explore. I intend to be selective about what colours I will include, colours which reflect my personality and emphasise my identity as a woman. I am also thinking about restricting the areas of the body I will focus on, choosing what others will see, with use of plastics/perspex to obscure areas of the image, and mirrors to reflect others.

My main issue is the fact that I still want to paint, however I have been told that the printing methods and photography I used conveys the message in my work more clearly. Is that what all of this about? Having some deep and meaningful project to work on when what initially attracted me to the subject of art was the fact that I enjoyed it so much. Does this mean that I have not grown as an artist?

I hope to try and combine painting with printing so to continue my love affair with paint. again adding another layer to my work, I envisage the pieces having areas of detail (print) and areas where the paint begins to obscure or distort what is underneath.

I am not yet sure of how all of this will come together, if at all! Only time will tell. At least I have somewhere to ramble. Oh and Iron Maiden are Amazing!

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